Our Scope of work

Solar feasibility studies and solar site surveys ensure that your project is technically and financially viable. We will review the solar design, engineering and project details, revealing technical, rate, incentive, and site survey issues that may cause delays or significantly impact project ROI.
Our team and national network of solar site-survey professionals can travel to your solar or storage project and acquire on-site technical data, verify installation feasibility, expedite permit approvals, and streamline the overall solar and energy storage construction process.
Site surveys and feasibility studies are designed to meet the technical, financial, incentive, and regulatory concerns of the client. They may include:
  • Evaluation of maximum system size allowable based on the existing site, utility infrastructure, and other site or interconnection factors
  • Evaluation and recommendation for equipment replacement due to project defects, fire, or extreme weather-related incident
  • Evaluation and recommendation of switchgear and transformer upgrades
  • 120% rule inspection and evaluation
  • Technical design review for the project to cost-effectively meet local codes, utility requirements, tax incentives, grants, and other financial incentives
  • Evaluate structures for seismic load compliance
  • Identifying logistics to identify roof access locations, staging areas, identify locked fences/gates, potential inverter locations, point of interconnection, condition of the roof, and electrical distribution panels
  • Reviewing existing project information, such as-build single line diagrams, structural considerations, and potential improvements
  • Financial and technical evaluations for adding energy storage to an existing PV system for peak shaving, back-up, grid services, etc.
  • Evaluate existing system designs for conduit, wiring, and other BOS and unnecessary upgrade savings
  • Identify electrical, structural code, and permitting concerns